New Activity : Theatre in Portuguese

Dear parents,

We are pleased to share with you our new extracurricular activity that will be offered on the Woluwe site from November 2022.

Theatre in Portuguese!

An activity that children enjoy. They have fun getting to play different characters, to dress up and also to perform a play … One of the great passions of the little ones!

It is a formative and socialising experience that allows kids to develop creativity, memory and analytical skills.

Imagination and improvisation are the essential elements used during the work that accentuates the fun they have!

The teacher Pedro Sousa Loureiro will accompany them on this journey. Born in Coimbra, Portugal in 1989, he attended the Visual Arts course at ESAD (Caldas da Rainha) and has a degree in Theater from ESTC, Lisbon.

In Brussels 2017, he participated in the show TICKET TO HEAVEN by Joana Cotrim, at KVS BOX. He wrote, created and directed IMPERATORE in 2018, which was considered one of the 10 best shows by Time Out Lisbon.

In September 2019, he started the first phase of a documentary filmed in Armenia. In November 2022, he becomes a Theater teacher at APEEE Bxl II

Please note that requests for punctual/permanent transport modifications

are not possible between the 6th September and 29th September included ❗


Following the exceptional delay due to the shuttle organisation, our APEEE buses are currently running with a min. 30-minute delay.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.