Payments procedure


An invoice will be sent as of mid of October for all the registrations done before this date. Annual fees for the activities are displayed in the Activities programme. Fees for the Supervision can be found on the supervision page. This will cover the amounts due for the activities you have registered for and the supervision. The invoice must be paid before the date there indicated. You can register to an activity and / or the supervision all along the year provided that there is still available place.

In this case, the invoice will be sent to you at the end of the month.

To be noted: while the registration for an activity is done on an annual basis, you will receive one invoice per trimester, covering the number of weeks of said trimester.

  • The first trimester goes from the beginning of the activities to Christmas break.
  • The second trimester goes from January to the Easter break.
  • The third trimester goes from the Easter break to the end of the activities.


You can cancel your registration at any time via the Secured Zone.

The price of unused sessions will be credited back to the family account in the form of a voucher which can be used for new enrolments for all children within the same household in an extracurricular activity. The voucher is only valid within the same school year.

Please note, there is no voucher system for individual lessons. Indeed, the individual lessons can be cancelled but the price of the unused sessions in the trimester will not be credited back to the family account.

The APEEE has revised its Terms & Conditions which will be applicable for the 2022-2023 school year. We highly recommend that you carefully read the General-Terms-and-Conditions-12-09-2022.


Modifications will no longer be possible. However, you will be able to cancel a registration at any time.

Non payment consequences

The APEEE reserves the right to exclude permanently a child from all the extra-curricular activities and the supervision if the relevant invoice is not paid within the given deadline. The exclusion decision is not subject to any appeal.

Unpaid invoices will be passed on to APEEEs debt collection agency, and ultimately to the APEEE’s lawyer for legal follow up. As long as the amount owed is not paid, no further registration to APEEE’s services will be accepted for the family.

Refunds policy

The APEEE is not in a position to organise a system of refunds in case of absences of either children or their instructors. When an instructor is absent, the APEEE extracurricular activities office will do its best to find a replacement.

Reimbursements in case of child’s sickness can be granted exclusively in case of cancellation due to medical reasons justified with a medical certificate (an absence of few weeks – even if justified with a medical certificate – will not be refunded), as the prices set by the extracurricular activities are calculated to cover the fixed costs (monitors’ salaries, purchase of equipment, bus rental, …).

Any situation of force majeure which affects the possibility to fulfil any obligation related to the organisation of activities and/or surveillance will be immediately notified by the APEEE to the parents. The APEEE is not liable for any delay or failure to organise the activities and/or surveillance in case of force majeure. The APEEE Board will be responsible for the decision if and to what extent a possible reimbursement could be taken in consideration within the limits of the Extracurricular Activities’ budget surplus of the year.

In case a child is leaving EEB2 (except that for the disciplinary reasons), the family might request the reimbursement of the activities by sending an e-mail at ou