Book Sales

Book Sales

Organisation of Second Hand Book Sale

The principle of the sale of used books is very simple:you sell the textbooks used during the school year and buy the ones your children will use for the next school year!

In order to meet your needs, we schedule several sales sessions for the German, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish sections.

  • Seller sheet will  be available in due time

Explanations and instructions regarding these deposit / sale meetings: how does the book sale work?

You will find above the sales sheet (which will be available in due course) and which must be filled in with your books. In order to ensure that it works properly, please bring 2 copies to the sale as well as all your books. If you wish to sell books from different language sections, please fill in one form per language section.

You can send your pre-registration by email to the APEEE Secretariat.

Books Recovery

In order to facilitate the organisation of returns, these will be made between September and December of the following school year. If you wish to take back your unsold books, please send an e-mail to indicating the name of the seller and the number of colours that have been allocated to your books. Unclaimed books will be offered for sale again the following year.

After this period

  • Books that are still on the year’s programme will be retained and offered for sale again.
  • Books that are no longer on the lists will either be donated to a charity or destroyed.

N.B.: By not collecting your books that are no longer on the programme before December 2022, you undertake to donate them and not to receive any money for them.

Volunteering: S4 and S5 students

The Book Sale Committee appeals to S4 and S5 students to help during the book sales. You will find attached the description of the tasks you will be asked to fulfill description tasks for students S4 and S5
Afterwards, the Book Sale Committee will give each student helper a certificate setting out their voluntary work, which is likely to look good on their CVs. S4 and S5 students willing to help should complete registration form for students S4 and S5 and hand it to Mr Ferhan Pelister at the APEEE office in the prefabs or send it by email to

Volunteering: parents

The French section (FR) is currently looking for volunteers! If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of the Parents’ Association.

For parents who do not belong to the French-speaking section but who are motivated, have some time to spare and wish to take part in this project, do not hesitate any longer and send an e-mail to


Book list 2023-2024 for kindergarten and primary

Please consult the school’s website.

Book list 2023-2024 for secondary school

Please consult the school’s website.

If you wish to purchase a second hand book, please send an email to:

If you are still looking for a book after the last sales session, please contact us at the following email address: with the words “textbook search” in the subject line. We will do our best to help you and will arrange a meeting with you if we think we have what you are looking for.


The committee is not for profit and its members act only as volunteers and do not receive a salary. The Book Exchange Committee is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen books.

This service is provided by parent volunteers, independently of the APEEE.

The APEEE declines all responsibility for the information provided in this message. Similarly, no responsibility will be assumed by the APEEE for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use made of the information contained in this message.