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Registration procedure

Terms & Conditions

The APEEE has revised its Terms & Conditions which will be applicable as of the 2023-2024 school year. We highly recommend that you carefully read the APEEE’s General Terms and Conditions

Registrations to the Activities and Supervision

Registration date will be communicated in due time.

To register your child/children for one or more activities and/or for supervision, you need to use the Secured Zone.

What to do Before the Registration Period Begins?

Before the registration period begins, please check that you have all you need and you have read all relevant information:

a) Your Login and Password

  • If your child is already at school, you should already have your login and password. You can reset your password by using the link “Lost your password?” on Login page.

    If your child is new to the school, you must first create an account for the Secured Zone.  Pay attention to do it in due time before the start of the registration period!

b) Information on the Programme

Please review the programme of any activity you plan to select and take note of the code. The Activities’ Programme can be found in your Secured Portal.

You can sort the activities according to your child’s year and also the day for which you wish to enroll. Some activities might be listed in grey, which means that they are already full. These are the activities where participants follow a programme that runs over a number of years and so are automatically renewed each year, unless they decide not to continue.

For any activity which is full (before the start of the registration periods or during it), you can still decide to register your child on a waiting list (see below point 2).

Please note that the Programme can be subject to changes during the year. The APEEE reserves the right to cancel or modify the programme: new activities might be proposed or certain activities might be cancelled (for example if the minimum number of participants is not reached), or two similar activities might be grouped to reach the minimum number of participants.

If new activities are proposed, the information is published in our Home Page APEEE section “Latest News”.

c) Information on the Payment Rules

The payment rules are published on the page “payments”. If you have any questions concerning the rules, please email our office (WOL) or (EVE).

The APEEE does not provide refunds for activities that are missed.

d) Information on the Calendar

The Activities will start on the day indicated in the calendar. You will find the full calendar here. We also invite you to consult the information on payment and cancellation dates.

The APEEE also organises ‘stages’ during the School holidays. Parents will be informed in advance via email and the information will be published on the APEEE website.

e) Information on the Supervision

Please note that the Supervision will start on the day indicated in the calendar.

The APEEE offers different formula for the Supervision. All details are published on the page “Supervision”. Registration to the Supervision is mandatory in certain cases: please check the rules and the procedure on how to authorise other people to pick up your child after the activity/supervision.

f) Rules for the Registration

Registration for available places on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is limited to 2 activities per day per child. This does not include any waiting lists you may wish to register your child for. Registrations for activities taking place on Wednesday is limited to 3 activities.

A child cannot be registered for 2 or more activities taking place at the same time on the same day or overlapping (example: the first activity ending at 16:30 and the second one starting at 16:15). This does not apply to waiting list registration.

Individual music lessons starting as of 17:30 are limited to children as of P3.

How to Register?

Once the registration period opens, you can enter the Secured Zone, click on “Activities”, select the chosen activity and click on “book activity”. 

Don’t forget to register for the Supervision if you have to!

Activities listed in grey in the activities programme are already full. You may still register your child for the waiting list for this activity by following the instructions on the web page. You may request your child’s position on the waiting list by sending an e-mail to (WOL) or (EVE).

If your child is on a waiting list and a place becomes available during the year, you will receive an email with the offer and a short deadline for the answer (to accept or reject the proposed post). No reminder will be sent in case of no reply.

Places are offered in the order in which children are registered on the waiting list.

Until when can a registration be done?

You can register for an activity and / or the supervision throughout the year. 

Cancellations and Modifications

Cancellation of an activity can take place all over the year. However, the system does not allow cancellations on the day the activity is to take place (i.e., if your child’s activity takes place on a Tuesday, you can cancel it on Monday or Wednesday). For last-moment changes, please email the APEEE office at (WOL) or (EVE). In case you cancel a registration, please note that it is important that you inform your child’s school teacher as well.

If you would like your child to change from one activity to another, you can cancel his/her registration for the first activity and register for the second one.


Our rules regarding the payment of registered or cancelled activities can be found on the page “payments”. Please note that registrations placed in Waiting List are not invoiced to you until you are offered a place which you accept.

📢 European Summit 2024

As announced in the national media, the European Summit will take place on the 17th April and 18th April 2024, which could cause major disruption to the capital’s road network.

The disruption is expected to start at 07:00 and could affect the APEEE school transport service. Due to this situation, we anticipate the risk of delays and/or cancellations to the usual routes. The transport service will keep the concerned parents informed in real time.

We understand that this may cause inconvenience and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in this exceptional circumstance. We will do our best to minimise disruption.

Best regards, 

APEEE Bxl II Transport


Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


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