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The FAQ was updated on 17th August 2023.

All parents received a message regarding the current forecast of price increase for the upcoming school year. 


Registration and Invoicing

How can I register my child for school transport?

All registrations must be made via the Secured Zone on ​​our website, as well as most requests for subscriptions or modifications. For any additional information, please visit the registration-modification-cancellation page.

Please note that it is important to keep your contact details up to date for invoicing and in case of emergency (delays, children who must return to school, etc.)

When should I register my child for the school bus service to ensure that they will have a place on the bus?

Registrations start on June 1st and closes on June 30th. It is still possible to register for Transport beyond this period, however, please note that although we will do our best to respond positively to your registration request, we cannot guarantee a favorable response. For any additional information on registrations, please visit our registration-modification-cancellation page.

Once enrolled your inscription will be automatically renewed each year unless you advise otherwise.

Can a child be registered only for a school bus service to an Afterschool Childcare Centre from the European Commission (OIB)?

Yes. This registration formula is charged 50% of the full price. Please note, only children enrolled in European Commission Afterschool Childcare Centres outside the school can benefit from this formula.

I have made a request to modify my subscription in my Secured Zone, but I cannot change the data for Wednesday, why?

It is not possible to make the change request for Wednesday directly via the Secured Zone on ​​our website. However, the transport team will take care of making the change after acceptance of your online request for the entire week. You should see the result, Wednesday included, in your file once the transport team has made the change.

Can a child be registered for only the morning school bus service?

Yes, but the price remains unchanged.

Can a child registered for the school bus service use any bus?

Children registered for the school bus service use only the buses from the stops they are registered at. However, it is occasionally possible to use another school bus. To do this, you must contact the transport team by email or via the Secured Zone on ​​our website, at least 24 hours before the departure date.

I am moving, what should I do?

Declare by email at the new contact information and enter a request for a change of stop via your Secured Zone.
Indicate the date before submitting the form.
The request should be accepted within 24H/ 48H, subject to availability.

Is it possible to use two different school buses if the parents are divorced / separated?

The child must be registered for each school bus going to and from the respective homes.

The registrations are done again in the Secured Zone.

There is no additional charge.

I have a question about my invoice or invoicing in general, who should I contact?

The most effective way is to send us an email.

What is the full price of a school bus subscription?

The subscription price for parents who pay themselves is set during the first term. You will receive three invoices (Sept-Dec, Jan-March, April-June).

Please note that this price is very competitive, you should know that due to parents ensuring the management of services on a voluntary basis, we can offer this price, which is substantially lower than what other international schools are invoicing.

When should you pay?

The balance must be paid after receipt of the request for payment by bank transfer and by using the structured communication which can be found on each invoice sent.

Who pays what? (Budget and Pricing)
  • Parents who are not employed by the European Institutions

Parents who are not employed by the European Institutions are required to pay the cost themselves. Invoices are sent out each term.

  • Parents employed by the European Institutions, receiving an education allowance

Officials with the European Institutions and school staff who are entitled to the education allowance (from the 1st primary year onwards) are exempted from the direct payment of the season pass, provided that it is paid by their employer at the appropriate time (per term). We draw your attention to the fact that to receive the education allowance from the European Commission for the transport, both contract and temporary staff, European Commission Official and OSAE whose child attends the primary or secondary school must also fill in each year at the beginning of the academic year a scholar registration for their child(ren) on SYSPER 2. This does not concern staff whose children attend the Nursery as they are not exempt and have to pay for the bus service themselves (see “Parents of children in Nursery”).

Note: in case the employment contract with the European institutions is ended, parents are requested to inform the APEEE transport office immediately, as of that moment the parent is responsible for paying the invoice.

  • Parents not receiving an education allowance

Parents employed by the European Institutions who are not eligible for an education allowance should inform the transport office. They will receive an invoice each term for their child’s subscription to the school bus (see “Parents who are NOT employed by the European Institutions”).

Who pays for transportation for Nursery students?

  • Bus fees for children attending Nursery are always billed directly to the parents each term (see “Parents who are NOT employed by the European Institutions”).
  • Please note that parents employed by the institutions get a flat-rate preschool allowance of 102,18€ directly paid to them. It is not possible to claim an additional reimbursement.

Is there a reduction from the 2nd child enrolled?

  • There is no reduction.

Routes and Itineraries

How to consult the bus itineraries and the stops?

Bus stops are available via your Secured Zone on ​​our website more information is available on our Routes and Stops page.

Where can I see the bus time schedules?

Searchable via the Secured Zone on ​​our website, after validation of your registration. Before that, you can always email us and ask.

How are the bus routes planned?

This is described in the Transport regulations (available in our Regulation section). The maximum duration per journey is estimated at 60 minutes. Trips over 60 minutes are not offered. If you live beyond 60 minutes of transit time, e.g. in Waterloo, we cannot provide transport service, unfortunately.

When are the bus routes for the coming school year published?

Transport registrations are made during the month of June and the transport office sends an email to all the parents a few days before the start of the school year, inviting them to log into their secured zone to check timetables and the bus numbers that have been assigned to their child.

More information is available on our Practical Information page.

Is it possible to move a bus stop or create a new one?

Each request must be analysed individually. It is a complex process for which it is necessary to take into consideration the safety of the students, the size of the bus, the requests of other parents, the journey times, and the other routes which may possibly be impacted as well.

Additional stops will only be created if they do not materially lengthen the bus journey time for other users.

When a request is accepted, all the people concerned must be informed: drivers, parents, bus supervisors. We need to update the information on the website, in the Secured Zone on ​​our website and in the attendance lists.

Are the bus schedules subject to change?

Adaptations are sometimes required to the bus routes, and parents are informed by email.

Where can I find information about changes to the bus routes?

Parents are informed by email when changes are made or by SMS in case of an emergency.

Definitive updates are also visible in your online registrations, but not temporary modifications for road works. More information concerning bus routes are available on our Routes and Stops page.

What is the rule for requesting extra stops?

In addition to school / home journeys, it is possible to request extra stops, for example for your child to go to activities organised outside the school such as a tennis lesson every Thursday.


Additional stops will only be created if they do not materially lengthen the bus journey time for other uses.


For any request, please send us an email or enter your request via your Secured Zone on ​​our website.

Applications will be processed in early October.


Please note: Extra stops will be deleted at the end of the school year and can also be cancelled at any time to free up space. You need to inform us each year in June whether your child is keeping the additional stops for next year.

What is the rule for requesting an occasional bus change?

It is possible to request an occasional bus change for your child, in order to visit a friend, etc.

These requests will be accepted, based on availability of seats, only from 1st October.

A request must be sent to or at least 24h in advance stating the date and the full name of the friend.

What happens in the event of road works, breakdowns, or bad weather?

If the problem occurs within 24 hours you will receive an SMS, otherwise an email will be sent to you with all the necessary information.

A replacement stop can be activated in the event of a “snow plan”. The number of stops can be reduced on one line, or several stops grouped together at a strategic point which will allow to transport children from more families.

I notice works on my street, and the school bus service does not seem to know, what should I do?

Notify the transport service as soon as possible by email or telephone. A solution will be sent to all parents of the bus line concerned. As we are unfortunately not always informed for road work plans, we count on the collaboration of the parents.

What other changes are likely to have an impact on school bus service this year?

Road works are a constant feature, requiring route adjustments.

Safety & Security

Who takes care of Nursery children when they arrive at school by bus?

Nursery children are taken care of by our supervisors when they arrive on the bus parking. Once the children have stepped out of the bus they are taken to the Salle Polyvalente at the school by our supervisors, where they are then guided to their classes by the teachers in the respective buildings. More information is available on Practical Information page.

Who is responsible for ensuring that my child is on the school bus when the students leave school?

The teachers are responsible for Nursery, P1 and P2 children. From P3 onwards, children are to arrive to the bus parking and to the school bus.

The buses must leave on time, hence cannot wait for latecomers.

3It is your responsibly to inform your child and your child’s teacher (if the child is taken to the bus parking by the teacher) of the bus number they are taking. This includes situations where your child will be taking a different bus than usual, for example to go home with another child for a playdate.

Do I have to be present to welcome my child at the bus stop?

When registering your child for transport, you are asked to specify whether your child can leave the bus alone or can be accompanied by an older brother or sister.

If they do not have the authorisation, and if none of the authorised persons are at the bus stop, the child will be automatically brought back to the APEEE school supervision. The APEEE supervision closes at 6.30 p.m. You can reach the APEEE supervision responsible, Ms. Donatella Carraro via the number 0476/275.652

It is imperative to be present at the bus stop at least 5 min before the official time.

Can my child get off the bus alone?

In your Secured Zone you can configure the exit permissions. There are 3 options:

NO = unauthorised exit alone

YES = exit alone authorised

IF ACC = exit authorised only if accompanied by an older sibling. Be careful if he/she is alone on the bus, he/she will not be allowed to get off if no one comes to pick him/her up at the stop

My child wants to invite a friend at home and they will use the school bus service, what are the steps to follow?

External students: not authorised unless you have a school authorisation, as in the case of former students or a short-term correspondent.

Students registered for the school bus service: Please notify the transport office by email at least 24 hours in advance and specify the stop and the name of the pupil to whom the child is to go with. Please note that the rules regarding the departure will be the same for both students. Only the parents of the “invited” pupil can submit a request.

Students not registered for transport: same as if they were registered, but a contribution of 4 € / journey is to be to be paid BEFORE the trip. There is a maximum limit of 10 trips per year per child.

A ticket is issued and sent to you, which you should print out and give to your child in the morning (or send to their phone), so it can be shown to the bus driver or supervision.

Pratical Information

My child does not take the bus every day, what should I declare and / or pay?

The price does not change and there is no need to declare anything to the transport service.

When will I receive my transport subscription card?

The subscription card is distributed in class at the start of the school year for Nursery and primary students and by educational advisers for secondary students. For any modifications or new registrations after the date of issue of the subscriptions, distribution will be done only directly via the transport office. In this case, your child is kindly asked to come to the transport office to collect their subscription card. For additional information, please visit our bus pass page.

(The Transport service opening hours are 10am – 12:30pm / 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm and from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Wednesdays)

It is the first day at school and my child is taking the bus for the first time, what are the instructions to follow?

Make sure that your subscription has been confirmed by return email. If it is the case, your child’s name will figure on the list of pupils accepted for the bus transport. The surveillance in the bus will have that list at hand.

The bus number, the timetables and the location of the stops can be found in your Secured Zone on ​​our website.

Make sure you arrive at the location 5 minutes before departure and continue to do this throughout the year.

I see that there is a school bus service leaving from school at 4:20 p.m., can my child use it?

Please note, the Evere site only benefits from 1 departure at 3:30 p.m., as only nursery and primary cycles are enrolled.

On the Woluwe site, the buses departing at 4:20 pm are only for secondary students with a 9th hour lesson. Please note that the subscription for these buses is not automatic and it is up to the parents to make the request since the APEEE is an independent service at the school and we do not know the schedules of the students. The itinerary is tailored to the secondary students and differs from the earlier bus.

No exceptions will be made.

We are in September and I notice significant delays on my line.

Please note, we inform the parents about the delays via SMS. If the official schedule of your bus stop is for example at 07:26 and we indicate an approximative delay of 15-20 minutes the bus is excepted to arrive between 07:41 and 07:46.
We are dependent on the traffic conditions, and we are unable to predict a precise delay.

We count on the collaboration of the supervisors, drivers, and parents to be informed about delays.

Please make sure that your phone number is registered correctly (under ‘GSM’) in the system in order to receive the SMS.

At the start of the school year, it might take a little while for all the new drivers, pupils, parents, bus companies and supervisors to adapt. It is not uncommon to have initial delays on some routes, but it does always settle after the first month. Thank you for your patience.

During the year, my bus is systematically 5 minutes late in the morning, why is this?

Generally, it is due to traffic. We ask parents to inform the Transport office if there are any works on the circuit, for access to the stops so that a solution can be found to pick up the students. Do not hesitate to notify any delays.

Parents delay

Please note that if no parent is at the bus stop to collect the child, he/she will return to school (under the supervision of the APEEE) if no solution can be found with the parent.

The child must be collected by the parents before 6.30 p.m. from the APEEE’s Supervision.
If the parent cannot be reached, and it is not possible to reach any of the other contacts indicated, the APEEE will have to inform the competent authorities (Police), with the collaboration of the school, from 19.00.

To this end, please check your contact details in your Secured Zone as well as the contact details of the other persons authorised to collect your child.


I need to reach the transport office, what are the opening hours?

For emergencies: the transport team can be reached from 7 am to 5.30 pm at 02/761.93.75. Please do not overload the phone lines for other questions and respect the following times:

The office is open from 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., and from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Wednesdays.

We try to respond by email within 24 hours, except during the holiday period or at the start of the school year when we receive many emails.

Is it possible to have the mobile number of our bus attendant?

No, the parents can contact the transport team, who will get the supervisor for you.

My child lost an object on the bus or on the bus parking, what should I do?

Notify the transport office as soon as possible, as buses are used for tours outside the school as well, and sometimes immediately after dropping off the children at school.

Ask your child to watch the next day in the same bus, often the bus drivers keep the found objects with them.

If the bus supervisor picks up an object after a tour, it will be handed over to the transport office. Please note that “non-precious” objects are placed in the chest outside the transport office located in the prefabs, the valuable items are kept in the transport office.

On the Woluwe site and once a week, the Eurêka team (lost and found service of EEB2) comes to empty the chest and collects the content. Apart from the valuable objects that remain in the Transport service.

On the Evere site, a lost & found box is available in front of the APEEE Offices located on the first floor.

Under no circumstances can the APEEE be held responsible in the event of loss or theft.

Registrations to the APEEE Transport and Canteen services for the upcoming school year 2024-2025 will take place around mid-June and APEEE Extracurricular Activities, late June.

This registration period, which is slightly later than usual, will allow the APEEE to ensure that everything is in place for a smooth and efficient registration process.

We appreciate your understanding and patience and thank you for your cooperation and support. For latest information, please check your email box and the APEEE website. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,


(this message was sent to all current EEB2 parents and parents with a child joining in the Fall 2024)


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