Our Mission

The APEEE is a non-profit organisation (AISBL) that is independent from the school (EEB2), and that serves all parents whose children attend the European School of Brussels II Woluwe-Evere.

The APEEE is the voice of parents in the school governance bodies; it continuously liaises with parents through elected representatives at class and board level. The APEEE works on issues related to pedagogy, school administration, school community and students’ health, safety and wellbeing.

The APEEE is run by parent volunteers elected in a Board and oversees services of key importance to students’ life at school (e.g., transport, canteen and extracurricular activities).

Parent volunteers of the APEEE Board are supported by a team of employees who run the daily operations, the secretariat and coordinate the services to best serve the parents and students of the school.

Our mission is:

  1. To take and encourage any initiative making possible maximum participation by parents in all aspects of school life and in decisions relating thereto. 
  2. To represent the educational and family interests of parents vis-à-vis the school and local, regional, national, and European authorities. 
  3. To make known to the school authorities parents’ wishes and suggestions regarding the organisation and running of the school.