Medical Assistance

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Medical Condition

Parents of children with medical conditions must consider carefully whether the activity is appropriate or could create medical risks for their child. Please complete the “health card” and return it to the APEEE before the start of the activity, if your child has a medical condition that may be impacted by an activity organised by the APEEE.

Health card

We encourage these parents to think twice before registering their child to one of our activities.

Medical Assistance During the APEEE Services 

The school nurses are normally only available during school hours from 08.20 to 16.20.

If your child, registered for an APEEE service, falls ill or is the victim of an accident during the course of this service, the school nurse will be called on in case she’s present and available.

In the event that the illness and/or the accident occurs outside the hours of the presence of the school nurses or in the case where the latter are absent or not reachable, the services of the APEEE will call an ambulance to take your child to the hospital.

For all the services of the APEEE provided outside the school (for example: transport, swimming pool, climbing, …), our supervisors, instructors, bus drivers or other stakeholders will immediately call the emergency services.

Although part of the APEEE staff follows a “First Aid” training each year, our staff cannot make a diagnosis concerning the severity of the accident or illness.

Therefore, public medical emergency services will be called immediately to avoid any risk.

After contacting the school nurse or emergency service, parents will immediately be informed so they can join their child in the school infirmary or hospital.

If the school insurance does not cover the ambulance fee, the parents will bear the payment of the bill.

Please note that requests for punctual/permanent transport modifications

are not possible between the 6th September and 29th September included ❗


Following the exceptional delay due to the shuttle organisation, our APEEE buses are currently running with a min. 30-minute delay.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.