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Eurêka : Lost & Found

Please always make sure that your child’s items bear the family name (clearly readable, no initials), this makes it easier for us to return them to you.

Eurêka Primary updates the photos of the unnamed clothes found, which you can find via the following link: Photos Eureka Primary – Google Drive

EURÊKA: What, Where, When?

“Eurêka” is a lost and found service at European school Woluwe run by parent-volunteers who collect, sort and record lost items.

Parent-volunteers open the Eurêka service to pupils every Friday & Thursday to allow for collection

What Does one Find at Eurêka?

All types of clothes including sports outfits lost by pupils on school premises and educational materials (books, notebooks).

For the valuables (watches, cellphones, glasses, keys, wallet or calculators…) please contact:

  • Primary students: Primary Secretariat
  • Secondary students: Secretariat of APEEE (Monsieur Ferhan PELISTER)

* Gym outfits (branded school T-shirts and shorts) as well as lab coats without a clearly readable name, found on their own (not inside a bag), are washed by parent-volunteers and sold second hand at the price of 5€ per T-shirt or shorts and 6€ per coat. Of course, Eurêka can’t guarantee a stock.

Money raised (less the limited expenses for running the service) are donated to charities (for ex. an orphanage in Lithuania, the Red Cross etc.).

Where ?

  • Eurêka Primary is located near the library in the Primary building on level 0.
  • Eurêka Secondary is located near the library in the Primary building on level 0.

When ?

During the academic year, from September until the end of June
  • Eurêka Primary is open every Thursday from 09:30 to 13:30
  • Eurêka Secondary is open every Friday from 11:45 to 13:45.

Due to sanitary measures, parents are not allowed to access the school premises.
For further information, please get in touch with the secretary of the primary school.

Eurêka Functioning


Any items with a readable name are listed and marked with a tag according to the month of arrival at Eurêka.

The items without a nametag are arranged according to the month of arrival separately on clothes racks at Eurêka.

Service & Assistance to Children 

The parent volunteers are happy to help pupils find their lost property during the Eurêka opening hours.

As to the Eurêka Primary youngest children, who are still learning to express themselves, parents are encouraged to send a note with their child to Eurêka volunteers stating the family name and first name of the child, with a description of the lost item(s).

Emailing Parents

If a lost item has a nametag (notably a last name), parent volunteers will email parents that an item belonging to their child could be picked up at Eurêka.

Storage: How Long is an Item Stored ?

The lost items are stored for three months, counting from their arrival at Eurêka *.

Due to limited storage space, all items not claimed within this period will be donated to charity organisations.

* Please note that It is common for clothing items to arrive at Eurêka long after being lost. Encourage your child to revisit Eurêka if they are unable to find their lost property during their first visit.


To diversify Eurêka donations, anyone is welcome to suggest a charity that could benefit from children’s clothes.

Eurêka Volunteers

This service is only possible because of the selfless dedication of parents-volunteers.

The volunteers do their best to ensure the functioning of the service with very limited resources. They cannot be held responsible for the lost items.

There has been a recurrent demand for extending Eurêka’s opening hours on Friday or opening Eurêka on other days. However, this is not presently possible, given the limited availability of parent volunteers.

Call for Volunteers!

Should you be willing to give a helping hand, please email the APEEE secretariat.

Some Tips

Please put nametags on all sports outfits, bags, backpacks, jackets, hats, scarfs, sweatshirts, gloves, gym shoes and any clothes that might be removed in the courtyard during a break. Eurêka can only send emails to parents when the family name is readable. Place nametags on the neck, waist or inside pocket.

The APEEE declines all responsibility for the information contained in this message. Also, no responsibility will be assumed by the APEEE for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use made of the information contained in this message.


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