Save The Date: Annual General Meeting

We are happy to inform you that the Annual General Meeting date has been set ! It will be organised on Tuesday 31st January 2023, if you are interested and would like to attend, do not hesitate to save the date in your agenda. 

The APEEE Bxl II is the Parents’ Association representing all pupil’s parents at EEB2 (Woluwe and Evere sites). Organising an AGM is a legal requirement based on our statutes and on the Belgian law on associations. With over six hundred members, the AGM represents each year a logistical challenge.

One of the main points on the AGM agenda is the election of the new APEEE Board members. Elected Board members represent all parents. In addition to this, the AGM will vote on a number of resolutions.

If you would like to stand for the Board election, please send a message to the APEEE Secretariat by sending an email to : 

Additional information for class representatives

As mentioned in our message sent to all class representatives Thursday 24th November 2022, the APEEE is actively looking for volunteers to join the Electoral Office. Indeed, it is important that the voting process is correct, transparent, and according to the law. Tellers play a key role to such aim. To handle the voting procedures, the APEEE is looking for at least four tellers. Among the tellers, one will be appointed as the Presiding Officer.

The Presiding Officer and the other tellers shall conduct themselves impartially towards decisions put to a vote of the AGM. Their duties are:

  • To verify the voters’ lists
  • To verify the name of the voters and the validity of the proxy votes
  • To meet the company providing the voting software prior to the AGM
  • To monitor the voting software during the AGM
  • To verify that participants are registered correctly
  • To verify that the counting of the number of members entitled to vote and participating in the AGM is done correctly for the whole duration of the meeting
  • To oversee that the voting process is in line with APEEE statutes
  • To announce, through the Presiding Officer, the voting results to the AGM
  • To sign, by the Presiding Officer, a report with the voting results

If you are available and interested to serve as teller at the AGM, please send a message to

N.B.: From the moment a person expresses to the APEEE his/her interest to act as teller, a candidate teller shall refrain from engaging in electoral campaigns for candidate APEEE Board members.

Please note that in order to be eligible as teller, one should:

  • Have paid APEEE membership fees
  • Be a class representative or Board member
  • Not run for the 2023 election of the APEEE Board members

We would like to thank in advance the parent community for their participation and contribution to the AGM of next 31/01/2023.

❗📢 Please note a national demonstration is organised on Thursday 5th October 2023. The STIB informs its passengers that disruptions are to be expected. Impact on road traffic is expected and delays of school buses are to be expected.

Please note, our buses will run as normal, but delays are expected.

We will inform you live by sms if significant delays are expected.

Therefore, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Transport Team of the APEEE Bxl II


EEB2 Woluwe & Evere sites will reopen tomorrow (18/10). The APEEE Services (bus/cantine/periscolaire) will run normally.