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Le Piccole Canaglie – Un Ispettore in Casa Birling 🎬

We are happy to share that pupils from EEB2 in primary and secondary are starring in the Un Ispettore in Casa Birling ! The show will be in Italian with subtitles in English & French. 


  • Saturday 25th November 2023
    • 15h
    • 19h30
  • Sunday 26th November 2023
    • 16h

At la Vénérie – Espace Delvaux, Rue Gratès, 3 1170 Watermael Boitsfort

Tickets are available online: get my ticket !

Un ispettore in casa Birling

England, the year 1912. On the evening of the sinking of the unsinkable Titanic, the Birling family celebrates their financial well-being and the engagement of their daughter Sheila with a young industrialist. All exponents of a bourgeois class, indifferent, spoiled and very probably responsible for the great conflict that is preparing in the world. The doorbell rings and a charismatic inspector begins a dazzling interrogation that will nail everyone present for the death of a young woman. But why should this family feel responsible for sweet Eva’s suicide? What are these characters hiding? The hypocrisies of high society mix with the strident discomfort of the less well-off class, who succumbs in a crime twentieth-century play of which J.B. Priestley is a great representative.

Workshops for the week: 24th June to 28th June 2024 are full.


Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


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