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The FAQ was updated on 17th August 2023.

All parents received a message regarding the current price increase forecast for the upcoming school year. 




Where can I find the extracurricular activities’ list the APEEE organises?

The list of extracurricular activities is available on the activities programme.

When do the activities take place?

Extracurricular activities take place from the end of September to the end of June. The exact dates are available in the Extracurricular Activities Calendar. To find out the day and time of an activity of your choice, you can consult the activities programme.

In what languages are the activities given?

The vast majority of our activities are given in French and English. However, some specific activities can be given in other languages, such as a language lesson or theatre lessons.

How should my child get to their extracurricular activity?

Maternelles, 1st and 2nd primary children are always accompanied to their extracurricular activities by our surveillance staff or their instructor. Starting from P3, children are invited to go by themselves to the various meeting points (canteen for cultural extracurricular activities, sports hall for sports extracurricular activities, or bus parking for outdoor extracurricular activities).

I have an idea for an extracurricular activity, how can I submit it?

You can submit your proposal to us by email at or jointly with, if possible, the Curriculum Vitae of the person who would like to give the suggested extracurricular activity.

Do you organise workshops during the holidays?

We try to organise workshops during the All Saints, Carnival, Easter, and Ascension holidays. Workshops are systematically published on the website of the Parents Association, in the Extracurricular category.

Can I go see the extracurricular activity that my child is taking?

Twice a year, we organise “open classes” weeks which allow parents to come and follow their child’s extracurricular activity for a session. If you still wish to attend another lesson, please contact us by email at or

No parent is allowed to enter the school grounds until further notice.

Does my child come back to school after swimming / ice-skating lessons?

No. Your child should be picked up from the location of the outside extracurricular activity at the end time indicated in the activities programme. Please note, no day-care is organised on site and any delay in relation to the indicated schedule will be penalised.

I have a question about my invoice or invoicing in general, who should I contact?

The most effective way is to send us an email.

Parents delay

Please note that if no parent is at the bus stop to collect the child, he/she will return to school (under the supervision of the APEEE) if no solution can be found with the parent.

The child must be collected by the parents before 6.30 p.m. from the APEEE’s Supervision.
If the parent cannot be reached, and it is not possible to reach any of the other contacts indicated, the APEEE will have to inform the competent authorities (Police), with the collaboration of the school, from 19.00.

To this end, please check your contact details in your Secured Zone as well as the contact details of the other persons authorised to collect your child.


Who is the monitor of my child's extracurricular activity?

The name of your child’s extracurricular activity monitor is listed in the activities programme when you view the details of the extracurricular activity. Some of our instructors also have a small presentation that you can consult on the Our team page.

How can I get in touch with my child's extracurricular activity monitor?

We have a policy of not disclosing any of our team’s personal contact information. Therefore, we invite you to send us an email at or with the subject line addressed to your child’s extracurricular activity monitor and we will forward it to them.


How can I register my child for an extracurricular activity?

Registration for an extracurricular activity is to be done in your Secured Zone, using the four-digit activity code that you can find in the activities programme.

When can I register my child for an extracurricular activity?

Registration for extracurricular activities begins on a specific day in June. The exact date is communicated on the Extracurricular Activities Calendar. Registrations are then open all year round, subject to availability.

The activity for which I want to register my child is fully booked, what should I do?

Some of our activities have several schedules. You can easily consult the activities programme. If no other schedule is available or if are all full, you can then place your child on the waiting list for the desired activity by following the same procedure as for a regular registration.

My child is on the waiting list for an activity, when will I know if they receive a spot?

It is impossible for us to answer this question. Most of the time, we are able to offer you a spot when a parent unregisters their child from the activity that interests you. These cancellations can occur at any time of the year and are primarily influenced by children’s motivation to participate in the activity, which is unpredictable.

To how many activities can I register my child?

You can register your child for up to two activities per day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and three on Wednesday.

My child would like to try out an activity, is it possible?

It is possible for your child to try an activity if spots are still available for it. For safety/insurance reasons, however, it is necessary to register your child for the trial lesson. To do this, you can register your child via your Secured Zone or contact us by email at or

My child participated in an activity last year, do they have a secured spot for this year?

Some of our activities benefit from a pre-registration program. These activities were chosen based on the importance of educational monitoring and the demand to which they are subjected.


Where does the supervision take place?


Supervision is held in the Canteen’s refectory for children of the primary cycle as well as S1 and S2  and in adapted classes for children of Maternelle Children. Starting from S3, students shall go to the cafeteria located in the Hall des Sports.


Supervision is held in two classrooms located on the ground floor with a direct access to the playground.

When does the supervision take place?

Supervision takes place from the first day of school until the penultimate of the school year. The exact dates can be found in the Extracurricular Activities Calendar.

What is the difference with the childcare service organised by the European Commission (Afterschool Childcare Centres) of the OIB?

The groups of children are more variable than at the Afterschool Childcare, these being mainly made up of children participating in our activities

What is the difference between supervision with activity, without activity, and on-demand?
  • Supervision without activity is a day-care service organised after school hours by the APEEE for maternelles, primary and first and second secondary children. Relevant registration is done via your Secured Zone.
  • Supervision with activity is the same service intended only for children participating in an activity the same afternoon. Relevant registration is done via your Secured Zone.
  • Supervision on-demand is the same service as part of a one-off need. You can register for it by email at or
How should my child get to Supervision?


Maternelles, 1st and 2nd primary children are always accompanied to Supervision by our supervisory staff. From the 3rd year of primary, children are invited to go by themselves to the Canteen’s refectory.


Pupils are greeted in the main hall by our supervisors and are accompanied to the supervision classrooms.

Should I pack a snack for my child?

We do not provide snacks for children participating in our supervision. We therefore invite you to provide for it if you wish them to have one.

Are the children divided by age?

Maternelles children are physically separated from the rest of the group, however children of all ages generally use the same facilities (canteen refectory, playground). Children in S3 and over are invited to wait for their activity in the cafeteria located in the Hall des Sports.

Registration to Supervision

How can I register my child for extracurricular supervision?

Registration for extracurricular monitoring is to be done in your Secured Zone, using the four-digit code that you can find on the Supervision page.

When can I register my child for the extracurricular supervision?

Registrations for the extracurricular supervision start on a specific day in June. The exact date is communicated on the Extracurricular Activities Calendar. Registrations are then open all year round, subject to availability.

Do I have to register my child for extra-curricular supervision?

In some cases, registration for Supervision with activity is compulsory: if your child is not registered with the Afterschool Childcare Centreand:

  • Your child’s activity starts at 3:30 p.m., but you cannot pick them up immediately at the end of their activity, or
  • Your child’s activity starts more than 30 minutes after the end of their school day, or
  • Your child has an activity on Wednesday afternoons and stays at school between the end of the school day and the start of their activity.
How do I book an "on-demand" / "occasional" surveillance?
    1. Connect to your Secured Zone 
    2. Click on “occasional supervision” on the righthand side.
    3. Select the child for which you are doing the registration for.
    4. Complete the information & click on submit.
    5. Done !

Sports Outfits & Lab Coats

How can I place an order for a sports outfit or a laboratory coat?

As of September 2024, sportswear and laboratory equipment will no longer be sold via the APEEE.

Sportswear (shorts, T-shirt and swimming cap) will be purchased directly from the new supplier via the EEB2 website.

Interclasses & Footfest

How to register a team?

Announcements of the start date of registration as well as the precise modalities thereof are communicated via the Events category of the APEEE website. The registration consists of a form that must be completed by the parents of the team captain by the deadline indicated on it. Once completed, the form must be returned by email to or

When do the matches take place?

The matches are organised on Wednesday afternoons for a period generally extending between the holidays of All Saints and April (Footfest) or June (Interclasses). Once the registration period is over, we establish a match schedule which is then published on the Interclasses – Footfest page of the APEEE website. We do our best to ensure that the teams play as much and as regularly as possible.


The APEEE has revised its General Terms & Conditions which will be applicable as of 2024-2025 school year. We highly recommend that you carefully read the updated General Terms & Conditions which are available on our website.


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