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Friday 28th October’s menu has been modified to offer our pupils a special “Halloween” meal

  • Chemist’s elixir (lactose)
  • Witches’ finger wok (gluten from wheat, soya)
  • Indian graveyard slice (gluten from wheat, lactose, egg)

We serve meals that respect the balance of food and that, we hope, will appeal to a majority of children of all nationalities. For reasons of infrastructure and personnel, a unique menu is offered.

Allergènes pour la semaine du 03 oct 2022 au 07 oct 2022

Allergènes pour la semaine du 10 oct 2022 au 14 oct 2022

Allergènes pour la semaine du 17 oct 2022 au 21 oct 2022

The Wednesday menu is published two days prior below:

Wednesday 5th October 2022

  • Pea soup
  • Beef burger and its sauce (gluten from wheat), steamed potatoes and cauliflower.
  • Fruit

Wednesday 12th October 2022

  • Onion soup (gluten from wheat)
  • Fish stew à la provençale (fish, shellfish, molluscs, gluten from wheat), semolina (gluten from wheat)
  • Fruit

Wednesday 19th October 2022

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Beef filet mignon & its tarragon sauce (gluten from wheat), wheat heart (gluten from wheat), green peas
  • Fruit

Wednesday 26th October 2022

  • Arugula soup (lactose, celery)
  • Cheese pork sausages (lactose), basmati rice, cabbage trio, tomato sauce
  • Fruit

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