Who is the APEEE ?

In 2021, our then President began researching the origins of the creation of the APEEEs following questions from parents about the outsourcing of services. The entire article is available on our website if you wish to read it.The APEEE was created when, at the founding of the European Schools, no services such as canteen and transport were provided or established by the school system.

The parents therefore took the initiative to organise these functions themselves and it has remained like this ever since. 
The management of the services is very time consuming, indeed the team employed by the APEEE (see diagram below) organises the daily operations.

The APEEE runs more than 130 buses every day, serves around 2500 meals, organises more than 350 activities per week and employs about 150 people (full and part-time). It is a small ant-hill, because with more than 3250 students, the supervisors, monitors and administrative staff are on all fronts.In addition, the Board (of 25 members), elected by the class representatives, as shown below, are parent volunteers who, in addition to their professional activities and family life, dedicate part of their time to the Association. 

These elected members oversee, through the management of the APEEE, that the services are well run, that they comply with the regulations and that they meet above all the expectations of our clients (you and your children!).The APEEE has a turnover of 6.5 million euros, so there are many decisions to be taken, usually by the Board and during meetings throughout the school year.