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Support to Locally Recruited Teachers

Dear parents,

The APEEE stands in solidarity with the Locally Recruited Teachers (LRTs) and their recent message regarding job stability and representation.

Following the receipt of their message, we find it important to share their concerns with the wider school community. The LRTs have been indispensable members of our school community, providing essential education and support to our children for many years. Their dedication and expertise have played a pivotal role in the success of our educational system.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight the European Parliament’s resolution 17 of 12th September 2023 on the system of European Schools, which calls on the Board of Governors to urgently resolve ongoing teacher shortages and ensure a stable and fair employment situation for all. The resolution emphasizes the need for additional resources and a strengthened employment package for both seconded and locally recruited staff, including competitive remuneration, equal salaries across all teaching levels, clarity about employment status and stability, continuous professional development opportunities, and further career prospects within and beyond the European Schools System

You will find below the LRT’s letter asking for the parent community’s support in seeking syndical delegation.

Letter to the Brussels’ II parent community

Best regards,


Note: this message has been sent to all parents.

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