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Seminar: “Children with or without ADHD” on 31st May 2023

Date : 31st May 2023 from 12h30 to 13h30

The ECB “Parents of Neurodiverse Children” group and the European School Frankfurt Parents Association, in co-operation with Dora Wynchank, psychiatrist and researcher, The Hague and Chantel Fouche (ADHD Europe) invite you to join a one-hour online event, during lunchtime.

The online event is for everyone. Why is the event for everyone?

In our working environment, we have parents may have discovered that their child might have ADHD, or have recently had their child assessed for an ‘invisible’ disability (autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia (developmental co ordination disorder) and co-morbid conditions. Dora will be sharing her professional expertise to provide you with ‘Tips for Parents’ that may be useful for any parent, or family member who does or does not have a child with ADHD. The key takeaways and possible solutions that may work for you at home on how to possibly deal with struggles being faced at home or school with your child/ren.

Your child/ren don’t have ADHD?

Any parent, or family member who does have a child or knows a child without ADHD, or without ADHD symptoms – might hear stories…. ‘this boy during class – he won’t stop jumping around, he is distracting me, he is loud, he is rude or pushes me around like a bully’.

These types of behaviors might happen in ‘Early Years’ and can be difficult for an individual who does not have ADHD (child, teenager, adult) . Chantel will share her experience of how her son was the ‘naughty boy’ with ADHD at school, and how the school system helped with ‘Tips for Parents’. Chantel recently got diagnosed at age 45, and will share her journey from child, teenager, her adulthood.

Please register here: NeuroDiverseKids: Tips for parents of children with (or without) ADHD (

We will forward the online link in the confirmation email which will come no later than 24 hours before the event.

The webinar will be recorded and if you really can’t join, please still register, so we can send the notification once the recording is on the intranet.

We welcome all ECB colleagues and ESF Parents to this online event and look forward to your active participation.

For any questions on the event itself, please send a message to the

For any questions and wish to share your experience in the ESF parents community, please send a message to

Also feel free to check out the Intranet pages (ECB Staff only).

And also the ESF SEN Parents Group Facebook page: ESF SEN Parents group | Facebook


Dora Wynchank works as a psychiatrist and researcher at the Intensive Specialist Programme for ADHD and as a researcher at the Expertise Centre, ADHD, The Hague.
Originally from South Africa,  She is an active contributor to the European Adult ADHD Network.Africa, in August 2014 she relocated with her family to The Netherlands, where she completed a PhD on adult ADHD and biological rhythms, at the Free University of Amsterdam.
Dora has researched, published widely, and presented her research internationally. She is also editor of the DIVA Foundation. The DIVA is a diagnostic interview for the diagnosis of ADHD, available in 30 languages.
She lectures widely in an attempt to de-stigmatise mental conditions. Dora is a professional member of ADHD Europe.

Chantel Fouche, born in South Africa, lived in France for 7 years, and now in Belgium since 2017. I am mother/carer of an adult son who lives with ADHD, diagnosed at age 7, as well as having a young toddler.

My passion lies in

  • advocating for the rights of people living with ADHD
  • empowering individuals living with ADHD, especially the undiagnosed women
  • creating global awareness of ADHD for all genders

I volunteer my time

  • supporting people living with ADHD by sharing experiences of what it is like to have ADHD
  • giving presentations share information and to reduce the stigma and discrimination that exists today
  • mobilizing countries with best practices and sharing experiences to help those who need access to diagnosis/treatment of ADHD
  • attending high-level meetings with European stakeholders within these groups (Brain Health, Mental Health, Neurology), also including European Parliament, Research Consortia, World Health Organization to communicate the work we do and the work that still needs to be done with the aim of a better quality of life for people

My hope is to create more of a media buzz (newspapers, TV, radio, webinars, social media etc) with society to come together as ‘one voice’ to raise awareness, have the education tools/information and to advocate for better quality of life.


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