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Secondhand Book Sale 2024

The Woluwe Book Sale Committee is happy to share its sales & drop off dates for 2024 which will be held in the prefabs at the Woluwe site, Avenue Oscar Jespers 75, 1200 Bruxelles. The prefabs are located near the Sports Hall. 

The dates are available on our dedicated website page

Students from S1 to S7 are welcome to help. As was done last year, they will receive a certificate for the offered help. Please visit our website for the information.

The school book lists 2024-2025 for primary and secondary students will be published on the school website. The Book Sale Committee will only sell books which are published on the book lists 2024-2025. We therefore urge you to check the book lists 2024-2025 before you deposit the books you would like to sell. 


The APEEE has revised its General Terms & Conditions which will be applicable as of 2024-2025 school year. We highly recommend that you carefully read the updated General Terms & Conditions which are available on our website.


Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


Updated on 19/01/2024 – 11:50