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NURSERY : Friday Afternoon Organisation


Dear parents of Nursery pupils,

We understand these have been difficult days for parents and children, with many information and new arrangements to me made for Fridays. Thus, we would like to kindly remind you that there are no buses home on Fridays at 13:00.

If you wish that your child stays at school until 15:30 when buses home are provided, please register your child to APEEE Extracurricular Activities (starting as of 18th September 2023) and/or to the APEEE Supervision (already running).

Please find below the options for your child for Fridays (depending on whether your child is in WOLUWE or EVERE).

  • At 13:00 take a bus for External Afterschool Childcare Centres (Cole, Wilson, Geneve, VM, Barnepark)
  • Stay at the APEEE Supervision in Woluwe or Evere
    • Bus at 15:30 to go home
    • Pick up at 15:30 by parents
  • Stay at the Afterschool Childcare Centres in Woluwe or Evere
    • Bus at 15:30 to go home (school supervisors will pick them up and accompany them to the bus parking)
    • Pick up by parents
  • Stay at an APEEE Extracurricular Activity
    • Bus at 15:30 to go home
    • Pick up by parents
  • Be picked up by parents in Woluwe or Evere

We would like to underline again that it is of the highest importance that your children & their teachers know exactly which bus they need to take or are aware of other afternoon solutions you may have. Please clearly indicate every daily arrangements (school bus, Afterschool childcare, APEEE Supervision, etc) in your child’s school agenda.

Please note that requests for punctual and/or permanent transport modifications are not possible between the 6th September and 29th September included.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Registrations to the APEEE Transport and Canteen services for the upcoming school year 2024-2025 will take place around mid-June and APEEE Extracurricular Activities, late June.

This registration period, which is slightly later than usual, will allow the APEEE to ensure that everything is in place for a smooth and efficient registration process.

We appreciate your understanding and patience and thank you for your cooperation and support. For latest information, please check your email box and the APEEE website. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,


(this message was sent to all current EEB2 parents and parents with a child joining in the Fall 2024)


Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


Updated on 19/01/2024 – 11:50