Mini Entreprise : Uncle's Jam

We are very happy to share with you the three companies pupils from S6 created under the supervision of the LJE & their teacher !

Indeed, many students, as teams, have joined the LJE which stands for “les jeunes entreprises” that launches each year a programme called “mini entreprises” which offers the possibility to young adults the opportunity to approach the world of business by allowing them to set up and run a small business. 

Pupils, as entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop skills in key positions in human ressources, sales, advertising, marketing, accounting and finance, etc. 

You will find below the companies pupils have created and shared with the APEEE.

Dear parents, 

Me and my team of 7 other S6 students from the French section of the European School Brussels II started our jam/spread business, “Uncle’s Jam”, 3 months ago.

Wemake all our products ourselves (we buy local fruit and harvest the jars ourselves). Then we produce our jams/spreads in approved kitchens, especially the one of the APEEE, where we sterilise our jars with the help of professionals. We obviously respect all the safety standards (gloves, headgear, apron, etc). 

Our main flavours at the moment are pear/speculoos and apple/cinnamon. Our main values are: eco-responsibilityhandmade and products with little added sugarThat’s why we need your help!

We are looking for small to medium sized empty glass jars (max 500g) with their lids. We will set up collection points in front of the main entrance of our school. 

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us by message on our Instragram account @unclesjam or by email at

Thank you in advance, 

The Uncle’s Jam’s Team

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