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How to Stand for the Board 2024 ? 🗳️

The Association of Parents of Students of the European School Bxl II (APEEE) plays a crucial role in shaping the environment in which our children learn and grow. As we look ahead to 2024, we are seeking enthusiastic and committed parents to stand for election to join the APEEE Board.

If you think you could be one of them, do not hesitate to send your candidature to, including your namesection and school site you will represent and a slide (PowerPoint) will be sent for you to showcase your background, projects & hopes for your possible future mandate.

  1. Impactful Decision-Making: Your voice matters! By joining the APEEE Board, you will actively contribute to decisions that may influence your children. Your unique perspective will shape policies and initiatives aimed at creating an optimal environment ;
  2. Strengthen Community Bonds: Joining the Board connects you with a dedicated team of parents, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. By working together, we can overcome challenges, celebrate achievements, & more ;
  3. Advocate for parents: Be a direct advocate by representing parent perspectives in discussions with school administrators. Your active participation ensures that the needs and concerns of our children are given the attention they deserve.
  4. Working Groups: The Board has a number of working groups dedicated to specific aspects of our school community. These groups, such as Canteen, Extracurricular, Transport, Health, Safety & Security, Communication, InterParents, CEP&M, CEES, and many others, are essential forums where parents can come together to discuss practices, tactics and other relevant topics.

Informations complémentaires ⬇️

To be eligible as a candidate, parents must have paid their APEEE membership fee and have their youngest child younger than 18 years old.

The Board members oversee the Services (Canteen, Extracurricular and Transport), on a voluntary and unpaid basis. The daily operation of these services is in the hands of our paid staff.

Avis important 👀

Registration for the meeting before 11/1/2024 is compulsory for all participants in order to enter the information in the EPASS system. Please register via this link.

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Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


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