Footfest: Formulaires organisation caritative & stand Eurovillage

La Footfest aura lieu le 5 mai 2023 pour le site de Woluwe. De plus amples informations seront communiquées par l’école en temps voulus.

Si vous souhaitez présenter une charité, veuillez remplir les documents ci-dessous à

❗📢 Please note a national demonstration is organised on Thursday 5th October 2023. The STIB informs its passengers that disruptions are to be expected. Impact on road traffic is expected and delays of school buses are to be expected.

Please note, our buses will run as normal, but delays are expected.

We will inform you live by sms if significant delays are expected.

Therefore, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Transport Team of the APEEE Bxl II


EEB2 Woluwe & Evere sites will reopen tomorrow (18/10). The APEEE Services (bus/cantine/periscolaire) will run normally.