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Extraordinary General Meeting the 7th December 2023 📧

Dear parents,

The Extra-ordinary General Meeting 2023 (EGM) which will take place on Thursday evening 7 December 2023 at 19:00 at the canteen on the Evere school site. The EGM will be attended by Notary Maître Frédéric DE GRAVE.

Following the invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which will take place on Thursday 7/12/2023 starting at 19:00 in the canteen of the ES Bxl II Evere school site, Avenue du Bourget 30 at 1140 Evere.

Registration to the meeting before 1/12/2023 is mandatory : CLOSED

The participation in the Assembly, as full member of the Association, is a key responsibility for Class Representatives.

However, to facilitate the fulfilment of such duty, the APEEE statutes (article 9 paragraph 9) contemplate that class representatives are allowed a maximum of 3 proxies each when voting on resolutions. In other words, this means that as a class representative each of you can hold a maximum of 4 votes, that is own vote and three proxy votes. Please note, in order to vote, a class representative must have paid their membership fee (52€).

The voting at AGM will be through an electronic system provided by the company OneTec. This system requires that all proxies are registered in advance so that OneTec may properly allocate the proxy votes.

Thus, class representatives who will not attend the EGM meeting and intend to grant a proxy to another full member (be it a class rep or a Board member), are kindly asked to fill in the form (CLOSED ON SUNDAY 3rd DECEMBER – after a deadline extension of 72 hours)Registration of proxies is CLOSED.

The agenda and background information on the extraordinary general meeting can be found here: AGM – APEEE – EEB2 – Woluwe & Evere (

Should you have any question on the resolutions, please be so kind to send them in writing to our secretariat with reference to the relevant item number as per the agenda before 1st December 2023.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: We would like to take this opportunity to share our call for volunteers who would like to help at the “welcome desks” during the EGM, from 6pm to 7pm. If you are interested and would like to welcome the class representatives from your section, please contact the secretariat: – we are missing volunteers for IT, EN and PT sections.

We would be very grateful for your help & time.

The purpose of the EGM is to vote on Statutes changes that are required due to changes in Belgian company law.

  • The invitation includes the resolutions to the Extra-ordinary General meeting concerning the amendments of the APEEE Statutes as required by 2019 the Code of Companies and associations. I hereby like to draw your attention to the following: “No amendment may be made without a two-thirds majority of the full members present or represented.” (article 22 – page 7 of the current APEEE statutes).

As stipulated in the APEEE statutes, the voting at the EGM can only be done by the class representatives and the Board members.  In case you can’t attend the meeting, please do give a proxy to another class representative or Board member. The information on the electronic voting system and how to give a proxy will be mailed later during the month of November.

Following documents are available:

  1. Agenda & Resolutions 
  2. Comparative table in English
  3. Background note

Revised documents following comments about the complexity of the background documentation

  1. Tables (in French and in English) with the changes and colour code. The tables provide legal references to the basis of these changes
  2. revised background note with reference to the colour coding
  3. Article 14 comparison between original proposal and approved proposal
  4. Article 17 comparison between original proposal and approved proposal
  5. Opinion on the conformity of APEEE Woluwe (Bruxelles II)’s Statutes – Focus on articles 14 and 17 of the Statutes
  6. Avis relatif aux Statuts de l’APEEE Woluwe (Bruxelles II)
  7. Statutes Questions & Replies – Advice

Please note that no paper copies of the current statutes, of the draft statutes, of the proposed resolutions and explanatory documents will be available at the Extra-ordinary General Meeting. All documents are available on the APEEE website. Feel free to bring your own copy in order for you to easily follow the discussions.

Best regards,


📢 Urgent Notice – Woluwe Canteen Menu Modified Due To Technical Issue

We would like to inform you that due to an unforeseen technical issue with our kitchen equipment, the Woluwe canteen team has to cancel next week’s planned menu. The canteen team is actively working to find an alternative solution and is exploring options to ensure that your child continues to receive meals until the technical problems have been resolved. 

Monday 11th March
Pepinettes pasta with Bolognese sauce (allergens: gluten from wheat, milk, celery)
Tuesday 12th March
Vol au vent with wheat (allergens: milk, celery, gluten from wheat)
Wednesday 13th March
Peaches with tuna (allergens: fish, egg, mustard, sulphite), assorted raw vegetables, bread (allergens: gluten from wheat)
Thursday 14th March
Lamb gyros (allergens: celery), white cabbage salad (allergens: sulphite), pita bread (allergens: gluten from wheat) garlic sauce (allergens: milk)
Friday 15th March
Sweet corn salad, smoked bacon, lentils with carrots
Biscuit (allergens: gluten from wheat, egg, milk)

Please note that due to the change in menu for next week, there are changes in the announced list of allergens.

Please note that for the pupils registered to the afterschool childcare services of the European Commission, there are no changes to the published menu.

To keep you informed, we will be updating the canteen menu on our website. You are invited to visit our website.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause and sincerely apologise for any disruption to your child’s meal arrangement. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to


Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


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