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We updated our Terms & Conditions for the APEEE Services

We would like to remind you that, following the implementation of Salesforce, our new customer relationship management system, the APEEE has revised the Terms & Conditions of its services. You will find below a short recap of what it means for your subscriptions. We highly recommend that you carefully read the Terms & Conditions which are available below and on the website for each of our services.

General Terms & Conditions

All services will now be invoiced three times per year (once per trimester).


The are no changes related to the registration, modification or cancellation to the transport service.


The family discounts previously granted for 3 or more children enrolled for a minimum of 4 days/week have been discontinued.

There are no changes related to the registration, modification or cancellation to the canteen service.

Extracurricular activities

Children will be able to enrol at any time without being charged for previous missed sessions.

Modifications are no longer be possible. However, you can cancel a registration at any time. Indeed, the price of unused sessions will be credited back to the family account in the form of a voucher which can be used for new enrolments for all children within the same household in an extracurricular activity. The voucher is only valid within the same school year.

Please note there is no voucher system for individual lessons. Indeed, the individual lessons can be cancelled, but the unused sessions’ price in the trimester will not be credited back to the family account.

Important information: Due to the gradual implementation of the APEEE’s new customer relationship management system and the APEEE’s commitment to providing the best possible service to Parents, the voucher system will not be operational before November 2022.

In the meantime, only the price of used sessionsbetween 19 September 2022 and the implementation of the voucher system in November (exact date to be confirmed and communicated) will be invoiced.

*Except for the individual music lessons, which will be invoiced the full rate in case of a cancellation.

We hope that these changes will be favourably welcomed and meet your expectations. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or


The APEEE has revised its General Terms & Conditions which will be applicable as of 2024-2025 school year. We highly recommend that you carefully read the updated General Terms & Conditions which are available on our website.


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