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Training for Pupils : Safety in the Buses 🚍🚦

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re organising safety training sessions tailored specifically for primary and maternelle pupils. These sessions are not just about buses; they’re about teaching vital life skills to handle emergencies effectively.


Every day, 2,400 students, i.e. about three out of four students attending EEB2, use the school bus to get to school and back home. The APEEE (Parents’ Association of the European School Bxl II), in collaboration with the FCBO (Formation Car & Autobus Opleiding), wishes to mobilise everyone involved in order to further improve the quality and safety of these trips.  

For many students, the use of the school and/or public buses is an everyday routine.  

The children’s security being our absolute priority, it is essential to teach them how to properly behave in and around those huge vehicles.  

The aims of the training 

  • Provide teachers and students with the necessary information to organise road safety lessons (in and outside the buses).  
  • To get to know the place that such big vehicles take on the street, emphasising also with the blind spots issue.  
  • To teach the rules to be followed in the bus to optimise the security in the vehicle. 
  • To master the evacuation procedure in case of emergency. 

Set up of the training 

  • When: 8th – 15th April 2024. 
  • Public: Teachers and students. 



The APEEE has revised its General Terms & Conditions which will be applicable as of 2024-2025 school year. We highly recommend that you carefully read the updated General Terms & Conditions which are available on our website.


Friday 19/01/2024 afternoon for departures at 15:30 and 16:20  


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