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🎉🌞 Exciting Summer Workshops for Your S1 to S4

Get your children ready for an unforgettable summer filled with fun, learning, and new experiences! We’re thrilled to announce our lineup of workshops happening from 24th to 28th June 2024, and 1st to 4th July 2024.

Mutliple workshops are organised such as Badminton 🏸 Volleyball 🏐Great Outdoors 🧗🏽 Football  Dance 🕺🏽 Contemporary Guitar & Songwriting🎸  with expert guidance from experienced instructors, all in a safe and supportive environment for learning and growth. Scroll & find below the catalog of workshops organised that your children will have the possibility to dive into, do not hesitate to register by Thursday 20th June 2024, 18h at the latest.

Logistics & Registration Details

  • Register your child through your Secured Zone with the corresponding code.
  • Meeting Point: Sports hall of EEB2
  • Schedule: 8h30 to 15h00 (if your child is registered to the school bus, they will have the possibility to take the school bus at 15h30)
  • Meal
    • Option 1: Hot meal in the canteen (except Wednesdays) with prior registration with the canteen service by email
    • Option 2: Homemade lunch

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the Extracurricular Team by email We hope to see you soon !

EEB2 is also organising activities in Belgium, all related information is available on: EEB2 ACTIVITY WEEKS 24-28 JUNE & 01-04 JULY (

  • Badminton 🏸
  • Volleyball 🏐
  • Great Outdoors 🧗🏽
  • Football ⚽
  • Dance 🕺🏽
  • Guitar 🎸

Badminton Workshop !

Serve, smash, and rally! Let your kids discover the joy of badminton while honing their coordination and agility on the court. Open to all levels. Beginners can learn the rules of the gamehow to serve and the difference between forehand and backhand, followed by short games and matches. The more advanced players will perfect their strokes, improve their power and discover trick shots. You will train with Elias.

Elias speaks, French, English & Swedish. Former EEB2 student, Elias discovered badminton in early primary school, taking lessons as part of extracurricular activities with Agnieszka Jean Villanueva, former Belgian champion and coach of the Belgian national team. Rackets and shuttlecocks will be provided. Sports clothes and shoes required ! The activity will take place in the sports hall.

Registration Code

  • 24 to 28/06 use code WOL5012_23 (159.00€)
  • 01 to 04/07 use code WOL5019_23 (128.00€)

Volleyball Workshop !

Spike, set, and serve! Join us on the court for a volley of fun and skill-building in this dynamic and energetic workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to pass high, handle, hit, serve and make consecutive exchanges – a very full agenda! This course is based on technical and tactical development, using fun methods to master the game and the rules specific to volleyball. 

After football and basketball, volleyball is a new trend in the EEB2 playground and will be on offer as an extracurricular activity next year! Sports clothes and shoes required! You will train with Mehdi who speaks French and English. The activity will take place in the sports hall.

Mehdi has been passionate about volleyball since a very young age. He completed a sports-study program specializing in volleyball and reached the top national level. In addition to his studies and his experience as a player, Mehdi coaches at various levels, both regional and national. He has the ability to inspire and train young people.

Registration Code

  • 24 to 28/06 use code WOL5011_23 (159.00€)
  • 01 to 04/07 use code WOL5023_23 (128.00€)

Outdoor Adventures Workshop !

It’s time to embrace the outdoors! This course is open to all sports lovers in general, who would like to push their boundaries, discover new horizons and spend some time in the great outdoors. On the first day, a hike outside the school (Rouge Cloître) will be organised so that participants can get to know each other. During the week, there will be:

  • a climbing outing in the ”A-Bloc” club
  • a trail in the forest, where participants will use the basics of orienteering they will have learned throughout the week.
  • an activity at the Poséidon swimming pool
  • on the last day there will be a big hike/run: Bois de la Cambre

You will train with Alex, who speaks English & French. The workshop will take place at school, the Poséidon swimming pool & the climbing station “A-Bloc”.

You probably know Alex! He already works at EEB2 during the day and as part of the extracurricular activities. As a keen sportsman, he has specialised in outdoor sports. Alex has always been an all-round sportsman. While basketball was his main sport during his teenage years, outdoor sports has become his passion: trail running, climbing, mountaineering, cycling and so on. He finally specialised in trail running and ultra running.

His results are impressive: he runs a marathon in 2 hours 47 minutes and covers 201km in a 24-hour race! Sharing and passing on his passion for sport are his ultimate motivations! You will need sports clothes & shoes, rain jacket, swimming pool equipment, STIB ticket, small rucksack and finally a water bottle.

Registration Code

  • 24 to 28/06  use code WOL5014_23 (189.00€)
  • 01 to 04/07  use code WOL5022_23 (159.00€)

Football Workshop !

Score big and kick-start your child’s passion for football! Our expert coach will guide them through drills, tactics, and teamwork, fostering both skill and sportsmanship. Dedicated to all football fans! With engaging and progressive learning tailored to your skill level, you’ll master fundamental technical moves, grasp game rules, and explore essential gameplay aspects, paving the way for advancement in this sport. Emphasizing the spirit of fair play, our program instills values of sportsmanship throughout the week. Sports clothes & shoes, rain jacket are required. You will train with Brandon. The activity will take place on the school’s football field.

Brandon is also well known at EEB2, working with the teenagers on the sports field. Did you know that he was a member of the Belgian national football team? He started playing football at the age of 4 and went on to complete a solid training program. His talent and assiduous participation in the training sessions took him to a very high level! He played for a number of Belgian clubs, including the Union Saint Gilloise.

Unfortunately, a serious injury put an end to his professional sporting career. Now that he can no longer play football at a professional level, he wants to pass on his knowledge to the young players at our school. 

Registration Code

  • 24 to 28/06  use code WOL5016_23 (159.00€)
  • 01 to 04/07  use code WOL5020_23 (128.00€)

Dance Workshop !

Watch your little stars shine as they groove and move in our dance workshop. The day will be divided into two parts: in the morning, you will discover the fundamentals of contemporary dance, with the learning of a choreography that will evolve throughout the week. The afternoons will be devoted to guided dance workshops where each student can explore their own creativity. 

Do not forget to bring a comfortable outfit, the workshop is open to everyone & all levels! You will train with Marie-Astride. The activity will take place in the sports hall.

After studying modern dance in Vichy and then in Paris with Raza Hammadi, Marie-Astride worked in various artistic fields, including music (with Kyrie Kristmanson), painting (with Yves Leblanc at the “Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués” in Paris) and circus (Cirque Jules Vernes, Amiens). She has appeared in films (L’amour oufOde à demainAdagio) and with the “Opéra de Liège”.

She also creates her own pieces and has had the pleasure of teaching in a number of dance schools (“Conservatoire municipal du 18e arrondissement de Paris”, “Espace Pléiade”, “Dans’harmonie”, “École des Petits Rats du Châtelain…”).

Registration Code

  • 24 to 28/06 use code WOL5013_23 (159.00€)

Contemporary Guitar & Songwriting Workshop !

Strumming, chords, scales and melodies await in our guitar workshop!

Let your kids unleash their musical talents and rock out as they learn to play their favorite tunes. Beginner and intermediate players are welcome! You will play, guitar, bass & drums with Eoin who speaks English. The activity will take place in the school’s prefabs and all instruments will be provided.

Eoin, an Irish-born guitar player, songwriter, and performer, was exposed to the magic of live music from a young age. This experience ignited a passion within him, and he picked up the guitar around the age of eleven, never looking back.

By fourteen, Eoin began performing live, immersing himself in the D.I.Y. underground music scene. He gravitated towards the more extreme ends of the musical spectrum, embracing Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock’n’Roll, and everything in between.  His career has taken him across Europe, from intimate club stages to massive festivals. He even had the unique experience of playing with the National Youth Orchestra in Russia.  Eoin can confidently say that music has enriched his life in countless ways, and the joy it brings him is something he loves to share with others. A self-taught musician, Eoin’s musical journey is a continuous one. Teaching has become another fulfilling aspect of his passion. He fosters a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in his lessons, tailoring each session to the specific student, their musical tastes, and current skill level. Ultimately, Eoin guides his students towards achieving their own personal musical goals.

Registration Codes

  • 24 to 28/06  use code WOL5015_23 (159.00€)
  • 01 to 04/07  use code WOL5021_23 (128.00€)

Workshops for the week: 24th June to 28th June 2024 are full.


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